About Us

Our Mission
Founded, family run, and made in Orange County, California we believe in providing our customers all natural products you can trust. 
When we started hearing the stories of how CBD has changed people's lives we knew we wanted to be a part of that. Our goal from the start was to create the highest quality organic product on the market and make it accessible to those who need it.
We take pride knowing that people depend on our products and we pour that pride into every bottle.
We don’t just order our ingredients we search the world to find them and we don’t stop until we find something amazing. We build relationships with the growers to ensure reliable supplies. Then we test, test and test again for consistency.
We then take those raw ingredients, processes them and combine them until we perfect the recipes. It's then tested again and we bottle label and ship. All of this is done in our own facilities in California. This is how we ensure you get what you ordered.

Phone: (714) 744-3700
Email: customerservice@seelectlivingcbd.com
Address: 833 N Elm St., Orange, CA 92867